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ISSN 1026-9428



Journal was registered in Russian Federal Ministry for press and information. Registration certificate 0110362 on 2nd March 1993.



Journal is in the list of periodic research, scientific and technical magazines of Russian   Federation, that publish main results of important scientific dissertations.




Editorial Board: 


Editor-in-chief - Scientific Head Research Institute of occupational health - Nikolay Fedotovich Izmerov MD, professor, RAS academician, honoured scientist of Russian Federation

Deputy Editor-in-chief - Department of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of First MGMU named I.M. Sechenov - Vladimir Feodorovich Kirillov, MD, professor

Executive secretary of journal - Deputy director of scientific work Research Institute of occupational health - Ludmila Viktorovna Prokopenko , MD, professor 


- Belyaev E.N.         MD, professor, RAS associate member
- Bukhtiyarov I.V.    MD, professor
- Bushmanov
А.Yu.  MD, professor

- Vereschagin A.I.
- Gavrilenko O.L.
- Golovkova N.P.     MD
- Evlashko Yu.P.      MD, professor
- Izmerova N.N.      MD, professor
- Kir'yakov V.
А.       MD, professor
- Kuzmina L.P.        doctor of biological sciences, professor
- Lyubchenko P.N.   MD, professor
- Matyukhin V.V.     MD, professor
- Pal'tsev Yu.P.       MD, professor

- Popova A.Yu.       MD, professor
- Poteryaeva E.L.    MD, professor
- Puzin S.N.            MD, professor, RAS academician
- Sivochalova O.V.  MD, professor
- Sidorov K.K.         MD
- Simonova N.I.      MD, professor
- Tikhonova G.I.     doctor of biological sciences
- Ushakov I.B.        RAS associate member, MD, professor, RAS academician

- Shilov V.V.           MD, professor
- Eglite M.E.           MD, professor


Editorial Council:


R.Kh. Аlieva (Baku), N.Kh. Аmirov (Kazan'), V.G. Artamonova (Sankt-Peterburg), А.B. Bakirov (Ufa), V.B. Gurvich (Ekaterinburg), R.D. Dzhavakhadze (Tbilisi), V.V. Zakharenkov (Novokuznetsk), O.T. Kasymov (Bishkek), Kh.А. Kakhn (Tallinn), Yu.I. Kundiev (Kiev), N.N. Malyutina (Perm'), V.I. Popov (Voronezh), R.S. Rakhmanov (Nizhnii Novgorod), V.M. Retnyov (Sankt-Peterburg), V.S. Rukavishnikov (Аngarsk), K.Z. Sakiev (Karaganda), V.F. Spirin (Saratov), T.А. Tkacheva (Moscow), L.А. Shpagina (Novosibirsk), А.А. El'garov (Nal'chik)



Journal “Occupational medicine and industrial ecology” is a successor and continuer of earlier monthly magazine “Industrial hygiene and occupational diseases” first published in 1957.


Themes of materials published cover theoretical and practical problems of hygiene, toxicology, occupational physiology, ergonomics of occupational diseases, evaluation of workers’ health as a result of complicated interaction between occupational, medical, biologic, ecologic and other factors.


Considerable attention in the journal is paid to ecologic materials, as unfavorable consequences of technogenic pollution of environment influence not only the workers of specific enterprise, but also far beyond.


The journal regularly publishes articles of significant interest for practical medicine, materials on medical management of workers and other employees, on development and implementation of insurance medicine principles, as well as regulation and legislation documents.


The journal is printed in Russian language with brief summaries and contents in English.


Periodicity of the journal is 12 issues per year, delivery only by subscription. The subscription can be received in every postal telegraph office, starting from every next issue of the journal. The subscription index according to “Rospechat” Agency catalogue: for individual subscribers - 71430, for enterprises and organizations - 71431.



Editorial office address: 31, Prospect Budenogo 105275, Moscow, Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (495) 366-11-10, fax: +7 (495) 366-05-83

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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