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    According to the licence to have a right to carry on educational activities teaching concerning following direction is held in Institute:
  • In internal three years’ post-graduate course in specialities: internal diseases, skin diseases, diseases of nervous system, occupational health;
  • In clinical two-year residency in specialities: skin and venereal diseases, profession pathology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, neurology, otorhinolaryngology, therapy, functional diagnostics, rontgenology.

    Since 1956 dissertation council concerning theses defence on competition of academic degree of candidate or doctor of medical and also biological sciences in specialities has worked in Institute:
  • 14.00.05 — internal diseases,
  • 14.00.11 — skin diseases,
  • 14.00.13 — diseases of nervous system,
  • 14.00.50 — occupational health.

During last 5 years more than 70 theses were defended in dissertation council and 14 doctoral and 19 candidate theses from this number belonged to Institute specialists. Qualification rise of leading workers and specialists according to institute activity type “from 72 to 500 hours” according to form of grounding (probation period, training at work stations) with delivery of appropriate documents including “specialist certification” is held and provided by licence and Institute charter.

Department of occupational health of I.M. Sechenov Moscow medical academy and department of professional diseases of Russian medical academy of postgraduate education which practice a conducting of exit educational cycles along with traditional educational methods function successfully on the base of Institute. Exit cycles of hygienic and clinical type have been recently held in Tolyatty, Krasnoyarsk, Vorkuta, Voronezh, Rostov, etc.

Institute is a base organization of RAMS Scientific council and Ministry of Health of RF “Medical-ecological problems of workers’ health”, which includes five problem committees: “Scientific basics of occupational health”, “Industrial ecology”, “Prophylaxis of disablement, medical-sanitary examination and rehabilitation”, “Scientific basics of reproductive health”, “Sea medicine”, which activity is directed on realization of united state scientific-technical and innovation policy in the field of workers’ health safety, coordination improvement of scientific researches and introduction of their results in practice.


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